Our department aims to cultivate the following five types of talents :

Japanese Teaching Talents

   With a foundation in linguistics, Japanese language pedagogy, and Japanese literature, they can also consider to apply for a domestic or foreign Japanese-related graduate institutions, and work in academic positions in the future.

Japanese Translation Talents

  The competency of Japanese translation (both written translation and oral interpretation) is the basis of many jobs. Students are guided to learn the professional competency of written translation and oral interpretation so that their career can be smoother.

Japanese Tourism Talents

  The need for Japanese talents in the tourism industry has been increasing rapidly. To work in this field, besides the five abilities of Japanese (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating), the knowledge of Japanese history and Japanese cultural literacy are also very important. To meet the diversified needs in the field of tourism, students must increase their field experiences and competencies required for this kind of jobs. Some students choose to take the optional “Japanese Tourism Focused Course Program”.

Japanese Business Talents

  After graduation, students can work in a Japanese company or a Taiwanese company doing business with a Japanese company, and play the role of the bridge between two companies for management and colleagues

Japanese-English Bilingual Talents

  Having bilingual competency can help to improve students’ competitiveness in the job market. Some students choose to take the “Japanese English Bilingual Focused Course Program“.