Each faculty member's research room has basic furniture and equipment such as a personal computer with Internet access, telephone, desk and chair, cabinet, etc to meet their multifaceted teaching and research needs.


              Established in 1996, many traditional Japanese folk art items, costumes and accessories, and utensils were used in decorating this classroom. These are not only useful in providing actual conversation practice, but serve as cultural teaching materials. The department attaches great importance to culture in language learning. Designed in Japanese style (tatami mats, floorboards, Japanese style kitchen), the displays feature traditional cultural objects, vases, tea sets, along with 10 sets of summer and winter kimono with waistbands and geta.
               In 2018, sponsored by fellow Sado (Japanese tea ceremony) enthusiasts in Taiwan, the culture classroom was rennovated into a space based Sado room standards. Sado is considered the best introduction to Japanese culture for the study experience of Japanese-major students. At first, this space for Japanese culture education was set up as an auxiliary tool for Japanese language learning. Even those who are not learning Japanese language can also increase their knowledge of the Japanese culture through experience and practice in Sado.  


                All classrooms are equipped with computer, digital LCD projector, screen, television screen and sound system. Smaller classrooms can seat 20 to 30 people while larger classrooms can accommodate 60 to 70 people. This provides an ideal teaching and learning environment for both teachers and students. 
                Our department has truly been repeatedly indebted to Professor Mao-feng Cai, Mr. Zhao-dong Li, and Professor Quin Tian Fu Qi of Japan’s Osaka University for donating precious library collections, consisting of over two thousand volumes, over one thousand volumes and over eleven thousand volumes, respectively. To this end, the MCU Taoyouan Library established the Fu-Chi Special Collection. The department’s library also has a diverse range of Japanese language reference books as well as domestic and international academic periodicals, to be used by teachers and students for study and research.




                Catering to the needs of teachers and students, the department has purchased many digital cameras, camcorders, desktop computers, color ink-jet printer, barcode scanner, shredder, CD players, which can be used for in-class discourse and research purposes.