Our Department has put a lot of effort into international exchange. Currently, we have 12 exchange partner universities in Japan, including

National Yamagata University

Sanno University

Meikai University

Tomakomai Komazawa University

National Tottori University

Doshisha University

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Hakuoh University

Musashino University

Mukogawa Women’s University

Shimonoseki City University

Kurume University

  These public and private exchange partner universities in Japan provide our students opportunities for short-term study in Japan. Every year, about 20 to 30 students from our Department can go to Japan to study for a year. Besides expanding their international views and improving their Japanese proficiency, they can also learn more about the Japanese culture.

  Moreover, the numbers of exchange students and summer program students in Taiwan from our sister schools have been increasing year by year. There are also a lot of students visiting Japan for a few weeks during summer vacation for short-term programs. 

  Our goal of international exchange is cross-border learning with “Ming Chuan students in Japan and Japanese students in Ming Chuan”. In the future, we will keep on promoting international exchange activities for students, in order to expand our students’ international views and improve their language proficiency.